Official opening of Lazy DayS / International Studebaker Meet Europe 2024

The Studebaker Register Norway (SRN) was founded on 16 March 2016, on the day 50 years after the last Studebaker rolled off the assembly line in Hilton, Ontario, Canada - where the last operating factory in the group was located.

The Studebaker Register Norway is a brand club for all car brands associated with the Studebaker Corporation. This includes Studebaker, E-M-F, Flanders, Erskine, Rockne, Pierce-Arrow, Packard (from the Studebaker-Packard period 1954-1962) and Avanti II.

Since its establishment in 2016, the club has carried out "Lazy DayS" as its annual main event. The first year as a one-day meeting in Moss, the following year there was a weekend gathering in Sandefjord. In 2018, there were Lazy DayS in the Tønsberg area, starting at Hvasser Motel in old Tjøme municipality, and in 2019 at Jahren Gård and Feriested by Stavern. In recent years, the meeting has been held in several places in the country. In 2020, the meeting was added to Lillehammer and Hunderfossen with, among other things, visit to the Norwegian Road Museum / Norwegian Vehicle History Museum. In 2021, the meeting was held in and around Haugesund, so in 2022 Moss will again be the base, with good participation also from Studebakervenner in the Swedish Studebaker Club. In 2023, Studebaker enthusiasts in the Bergen area stood for a great meeting in Bergen.

In 2024 we are honoured to host the International Studebaker Meet Europe togehter with our Lazy DayS. 

We are looking forward to meet you all and spend some lazy days together. The official opening of the meet will be held in the evening of wednesday august 7th. 

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Next event:  Guided Tour at Norway Congress Building

Program: International Studebaker Meet Europe


Dato onsdag 07. august 2024
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