Cars & Coffee at Burud

Every wednesday throughout the season the parking lot at Motorhistorisk Klubb Drammen (Motor Historical Club of Drammen) fills up with all kinds of cars. They sell hot dogs, soda and coffee. 


You have to leave at 18.30 the latest to attend the official opening of Lazy DayS / ISME at Sundvolden Hotel.


Next event: Official opening of Lazy DayS / International Studebaker Meet Europe 2024

Program: International Studebaker Meet Europe


Dato onsdag 07. august 2024
Klokkeslett 16:0018:30
Kalender Aktivitetskalender


Navn Burud
Skotselvveien 594
Kjøreinstruks Burud is located an hour drive south-west of Sundvolden Hotel. We recommend the smaller and quieter road on the west side of Tyrifjorden.